Monday, 30 January 2012


Liesl- so pretty! But definitely a bit squinty here...

Yup, Brigitta and Liesl have a touch of the goopy eyes. Or rather they did yesterday, I'm treating them (all, just in case!) with a very mild saline and hoping that will do the trick. There's no more goop this morning but I'll carry on bathing their eyes anyway. Brigitta thinks this is wonderful, and purrs and purrs when I do it- the others aren't so convinced, I must say.

We had the goopy eyes this time last year, I seem to remember. I do wonder whether the worm and flea treatments just lower immunity that little bit, making any kind of infection more likely? Or maybe it's just a coincidence both the litters have succcumbed at around this age. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm on the watch for any further squinting (quite clear in the pic above) that might indicate irritated eyes and any pirates will be treated pronto. You can't take risks with eyes. We're at the vet's Friday anyway, if we end up there before then for eye ointment that will make four times in nine days which will be a new record even for us! Oh well!

Such a happy kitten, purring and showing her tummy... whichof course I had to stroke right after I took this!


  1. I used to have this problem with my Tonk, and also my Bengal cross has it on and off. I was advised if it wasn't serious it may be allergies, I have a dry house and its quite dusty too because of recent plastering work. Maybe its just an irritant?

  2. Ooh, could be. We've had people digging up the roads outside this past week. And we've had no more goop, which I would have expected with an infection.