Monday, 16 January 2012

Freddie's Home

To wrap up the 'new home' stories, I must tell you about what is planned for Freddie. As you will know, things are a bit different for him because of his damaged leg. There are so many more factors to take into account because whatever way you slice it, Freddie is always going to be that bit slower in his reflexes. He keeps up very well, but he needs a particularly understanding owner. Luckily... we've got just the person.


When I realised about Freddie's leg, the first thing I did was get in touch with a friend of mine, the one I had talked out of having a kitten of mine a few weeks back. K and her family live near a very busy road, and, heartbreakingly, have lost several dearly loved cats to said road in the past few years. We decided with three young children and the back door opening and shutting all day, having a cat indoor only was impractical. There was a cat- shaped gap in their lives, but having another cat lost was unthinkable.

But Freddie? Would perhaps a ground-level cat be the ideal solution? K was thrilled- Freddie could go out into the (high fenced/ walled) garden and be safe there, not being able to get up, and the children knew and loved cats and would be great with him. We decided to discuss it further at a later date once I had more of an idea of the extent of Freddie's disability- remember at the time I didn't know if it was a break, it could have been structural, he might have had other things wrong with him- spinal issues, or he might not have been able to toilet unaided, or any manner of things- I suppose theoretically I may have had to put him to sleep (I tried not to think about that) although initial signs were that his issues were 'not incompatible with life' But in theory, he could have been really quite disabled.

Neither of us had reckoned with Freddie's determination, though. He hasn't  got other issues, he hasn't let his leg hold him back... he's walking, running, jumping, and when he climbed up the cat tree I knew it was time to chat to K. If he could climb a cat tree at 5 weeks, he will be able to climb a fence post when he's older. K agreed that Freddie would be better off somewhere else. But I still felt terribly guilty of course.

In the meantime, D contacted me, also offering a home for Freddie. She wasn't specifically looking for a new cat, but she has a soft spot for, and experience with, disabled kitties, having three others currently in residence including one who came to her after fairly significant leg surgery. She'd heard about Freddie, and knew I was planning on keeping him with me, but please... could she have him? Perfect, no?

So lucky, lucky Freddie will be off to a home with other feline companions, all with varying degrees of wonkiness, an adoring family and a thorough understanding of his needs and what potential treatments/ surgeries he could have, as well as a big house and garden in a quiet area for him to ramble about in.

Oh- and he's to be called Jack... with his dodgy leg, D felt he needed a suitably piratey name! LOL!

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  1. and now we just cant wait to get our hands on him :) Dx