Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Ah, the moment when one comes in in the morning to find A POO IN THE LITTER BOX. Wonderful! It means that for one kitten, at least, the penny has dropped, and where one kitten-er- 'goes', the others will follow. And indeed by the time of typing, half five in the evening-ish, there are now three poops where indeed they ought to be. Hurrah!

Yes, I am sad and have no life! Yes, I am aware I have just advertised my kittens, linking to this site and here I am writing about poop. I can't help it, I'm thrilled! (welcome, by the way, if you've popped over from an advert or on recommendation :) )

They are funny when they first start to go on their own though. They utter agonised howls, attracting the attention of Mama and the rest of the litter, and settle down on the litter with a look of absolute concentration. *snigger* It's pretty funny.

Brigitta and Kurt in the litter trays. Brigitta is sniffing a tissue I had just wiped up someone elses piddle with. She then promptly pooped in the tray herself. Hurrah!

Interestingly, this photo shows the difference in colour between Kurt and Brigitta. Brigitta does seem darker doesn't she? I had thought both were brown solids, but now I think Brigitta is a solid and Kurt is a mink. You can see that lovely colour around his shoulders that first led brown Tonks to be called the 'Golden Siamese'? Bear in mind a) I am a pants photographer, b) they are kitten-fluffy still but they WILL be sleek and glossy when older and c) it's mid-winter and the light quality is bad- imagine Kurt (or Liesl, or Brigitta for that matter) in the summer, in a beam of sunlight, with all that goldenness shining off a sleek coat... mmmmmm!

*I cannot keep another cat, I cannot keep another cat, I cannot....*


  1. You CANNOT keep another cat . . .

  2. I'm sure I could squeeze in a few more! But not right now, no.