Friday, 27 January 2012


Freddie says jumpers are for snuggling in... especially if there's a human inside!

Indigo is feeling much better, playing and rolling around as normal. My goodness she did look a sorry scrap yesterday. Today she's her old self again. Whatever they injected her with yesterday (and I forgot to write it down, but it was an antibiotic and something else) has worked wonders.

SOMEONE weed in the hall earlier. Hmm. I suspect Kurt, who was certainly hanging around the patch looking very woebegone poor baby! They really do not LIKE being caught short... cats are clean creatures.

Out came the 'Urine Off' spray- wonderful stuff that is, I really recommend it- and hopefully it won't become the new favourite place to go. If it does I shall have to put down food or tinfoil there.  I must say an accident is pretty rare these days, it's been several days since the last. That hall carpet is vile anyway though... all my cats and kittens have weed/ pooed/ puked/ hairballed on it at some point or another, not to mention used the corners as a scratching post. As a result it's stained, stinky and threadbare- not good! I had it properly steam cleaned last year... but all that did was remove the dirt that was hiding the worst of the stains- it looked worse after the clean than it did before!

It's coming up VERY soon to be replaced with nice washable lino... but not until these kittens have flown the nest. Needless to say I didn't have any cats before I decided to put down carpet. I certainly wasn't envisaging ever having 11!

Anyway we've had no repeats so hopefully it was just a one off.

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