Saturday, 7 January 2012


The kittens have been very, very sleepy today. I mean, that wouldn't normally be a problem but... today was our first visiting day. I'm afraid most of our visitors only saw snoozing kittens rather than playing kittens! Thank goodness I have this blog to prove that they do indeed move!

It didn't seem to deter people though, as all but one have now found their family :) And someone is coming tomorrow to see Brigitta and several messages are yet to be answered in my mailbox with regard to kittens so I don't suppose she'll be unclaimed for that much longer.

There seems to be a shortage of Tonkinese kittens available at the moment or more people than usual searching for Tonks- either way the two are not matching up and I'm getting emails and phone calls aplenty this time round. Some don't go any further than that of course- one person wanted a red or apricot point and apart from my dabbling into Torties last year I'm not able to breed those colours. Others were looking for Tonks of paticular colours, or pointed Tonks.

I'm also very fortunate for my number to have been passed on to several people by my colleague Hilary (Hylily, Monty's owner) as she has placed all her kittens. I much appreciate it, thank you. Of course I have in return put out a few feelers for other people who I couldn't help (is there a breeder reading this who has a lilac?) in the hope of finding them their kitten. Do you know, that is one of the nice things about the 'Tonk community' in my opinion... people know and help each other. Perhaps because there's really not that many of us?

So all in all a good day, and I'll write more about it in due course. Next year, though, I think I'll leave the kittens till they are just a little older before I advertise them. I'm going to have to check, but this litter just seem so... well so young compared to last year's. But I think last years visits were slightly later in the main (only Wendell and Monty went early) which might account for it, that and this litter being generally slightly less mature anyway. And by the time we came to the last visit, it was clear that Indigo had had enough... she kept trying to drag the kittens off into a secluded corner and was getting quite meowy and anxious. Next time I will restrict visits to one or two a day. Poor Mama cat, she was very good, but by the time our last guest left, she was definitely unsettled and stayed so for the rest of the afternoon- making me feel extra guilty, of course!

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