Monday, 9 January 2012

Two Blues

So our first visitors had chosen Liesl and Marta. Next came K and her family. No hissing this time, fortunately! K's two girls were to choose their new pets, and Louis(a) (lol) was very quickly chosen. He was very charming, batting a pen about and darting around on the floor that he completely sold himself. Nicely done, little man. (Little lady. Oh I wish I knew for sure which he/she was!!!!)

A sibling for him was a trickier matter. The other kittens were continuing their snooze so it was difficult to pick- no-one was really standing out. Dad had rather fallen for Brigitta, but in the end Gretl was chosen.

So the blues are off home together, and very nice too, they do make an attractive pair.

As an aside, aren't their eyes lovely at this age? Big baby blues... mmmmm!


  1. They are beautiful and congratulations on getting homes for them so quickly but you do your job very very well and really care for their welfare, so you deserve it.
    I'm sure Birgitta will find a home soon too - she is gorgeous. Poor thing, it's like being picked last for sports at school!