Saturday, 14 January 2012


...and they need cleaning all the time and they don't stay still and keep nagging me for milk and bugging me for this that and the other all day and night and they hide in small spaces where I can't drag them out and they run me ragged and my goodness how they fight...


Poor Indigo. Motherhood, eh? It's a tough ride!

Indigo is in a funny place at the moment. She's a good and dutiful mother, and they still need a lot of her time, which she gladly gives, but they aren't newborns any more, and they aren't all encompassing. When they were newborns I was lucky to get a headrub, so engrossed she was in her babies, and rightly so.

But they are growing up. To anthromorphasise terribly, its as if she's not quite sure who she is at the moment. It's quite sweet and touching actually. Is she still my princess? (Answer: of course she is!) Is she allowed to cuddle? (she's been too busy up till now, apart from brief affectionate moments) What did she used to do before babies? She'll approach me, and seem to want something, only to back off and seconds later approach again

Anyway, the point of this is that the other day, after a period of approaching and backing off, she had her first proper, long, glorious cuddle since giving birth, and she became 'my' cat again, and not just 'Mama' to seven beautiful kittens. If you could have heard the purring! And if I was able to, because I, too, have missed her, I'd have purred too.

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