Sunday, 29 January 2012

An Unexpected Bath

Well Louisa, the badness, has spent some time 'practicing' her kitten gate climbing skills. Most of the time she doesn't make it, but occasionallly those claws catch onto the edge and she hauls herself over. And then of course she can't get out, and howls and howls till I come and rescue her. Whereupon she comes and jumps over again. *rolls eyes*

Kittens watch their siblings and copy. Marta had clearly been taking in her sister's latest skill and decided to try it out for herself- onto the toilet seat. Yup, you can tell where this is going can't you? I heard the most agonised howl from the bathroom, causing me, Indigo and all the kittens to stampede en masse in that direction and there she was, feet first in the toilet bowl looking absolutely horrified. She'd obviously tried to jump up, slipped, and fallen in.

We usually leave the seat down but for some reason it wasn't this time... fortunately I never use a rim block or similar (as my adult cats are fascinated by them and ull them all over the house) and the bowl was cleaned just the other day, so it really was just water down there. A quick rinse was all she needed, and then much cuddling and drying off because she was sopping from her middle downwards and pretty shaken up to boot.

I was too, truth be told... it was carelessness indeed on my part because it is possible for a kitten to come to grief that way. It's another of those things I'd rather NOT report on here. No-one needs to know, right? But that's not what I blog for... one of the aims on here is complete honesty, even if it doesn't make me look especially 'good', and besides which someone might read this, realise how dangerous toilets can be to kittens and make sure their own bowls are lidded all the time too.

Oh... and obviously I have no photos of her in the bowl or sopping  wet afterwards as I was far too busy sorting her out... but after, when she was calm, just a little damp, and soothing her injured pride with a wash? I certainly did! Here she is smoothing down her ruffled fur, with a sisterly Gretl helping her out. Poor Marta!

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