Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Why yes, I am utterly adorable....

Why do you ask?

This week, and only this week, my most 'aloof' kitten, Gretl (she's not aloof, she's just too busy- Wendell last year was the same) and my most timid, Brigitta, have both been approaching me for full on cuddling voluntarily. They have and do come for strokes, and they've been picked up and cuddled quite happily but it's different when they suddenly look at you and think I know what I want, climb up, nestle in and start purring up a storm. Liesl started last week and the others have been doing it for weeks.

It's a conscious decision on their part. I think it does etch something permanently in their minds- humans are to be trusted, they are a source of warmth and comfort and love, and that forms something permanent in their brains. Some kittens take longer to do this than others, and it is my belief that if they go through some kind of upheaval or insecurity before reaching this stage, such as moving homes, away from their mother and siblings, they might never reach it.

I'm a strong believer that 8 weeks, the usual time for a non pedigree kitten to come home, is just too early for many, if not most, cats. They are still developing rapidly at this age. By 13 weeks, they are ready to move on, Mum is definitely ready for them to move on, and although I miss them I kind of am too, 11 individuals is a lot of cat for one small flat!

Anyway, there isn't much point to my rambling, only to say that from now on in, I don't expect to be able to sit down without instantly having a lapful or purring kittens. Which is rather nice, really :)

Oh and D- I wrote this entry about 36 hours ago... it isn't in response to your  hopeful offer to take young Fred off my hands early! Just rather fortunate timing, that's all!


  1. I totally agree. My other cat, who came to me via a friend, had left home very early and you can tell. He is decidedly not cuddly! However, I've found that after making sure I never overstep the mark with the stroking (looking out for the flick of the tail etc), he is really improving and actually becoming really affectionate. Respecting their boundaries goes a long way.

    1. Yup. Of course with the babies you have to be as proactive as possible- I have the mini cat tree by my desk and it's the favourite sleeping place- usually at least one there and I have four piled on there at the moment. (Kurt, Brigitta, Marta and Louisa) This means every 5 mins I can reach out and scratch an ear or tickle a chin or whatever, and they love it! The purring does my heart good too. Dear little things.

  2. That's great - their new owners will be so chuffed! I miss my Tonk velcro-ing himself to my body!