Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Oh Boy...

It's a GIRL!

Yes, the vets now think Louisa is a girl. Yes, a girl. Of course she COULD still be a boy. I was speaking to Monty's owner and she said his boy parts didn't descend till he was about 3 months old so I assumed 'Louis' has just inherited the trait from Dad. And this could indeed still be the case. But several vets had a good old prod today and said 'girl' unanimously

What I shall do is register her (as I must do this asap now) as female, and if she turns out to be a boy after all I shall just have to re-register him. Luckily his new family have given her a sensible name like Charlie, which can be boy or girl!

When I came into the kitten room yesterday morning (lol no, we don't have a living room any more, it's the kitten room) yesterday morning, I noticed that Gretl was walking with a slight limp. I wasn't able to get her into the vet yesterday, and they were booked in today anyway so I wasn't too worried. Anyway the limp lessened and went over the course of the day anyway. I suspect she'd been adventuring overnight, and perhaps jumped awkwardly or something. Anyway, she's OK.

Actually, I lie. I saw her and thought Oh NOOOOOOOOO I have another injured kitten, my poor baby, oh her family are going to kill me, I'm such a terrible breeder. LOL. But once I had stopped flapping (internally- externally I was very gently checking her out to make sure it wasn't anything serious) it was OK.

You may be sure I still asked the vet to check her over though. She's fine.

Freddie's progress is also great, in fact unless you were specifically looking, you wouldn't know anything was amiss. And all the kittens are healthy specimens and got a clean bill of collective health today. First jab next Friday...

They will all hate me tomorrow. First we have a pedicure session planned (because...) then it's time for a dose of wormer all round. Which they HATE. And then a flea treatment to boot. Poor kittens! Oh well, it's got to be done and they'll all have forgiven me by bedtime and will be wanting their cuddles as per usual!


  1. Yes, we are all still keen on Charlie (for Charlotte), but daughter no.2 is reserving the right to change it to Lotta (Lola's best friend, if you remember). As long as she makes up her mind by collection day.....