Friday, 20 January 2012

And The Same To You, Madam!

One of Gretl's outtakes from the other day. ROFL

Oh... drat. There I was thinking we had toilet training totally sorted, we'd had several totally accident free days, when I found a patch in the kitchen they had been... er... using. . Oh well, at least it was lino, easily cleaned! The barrier is now up on the kitchen door and they've been going appropriately once again. I'll restrict their access to the kitchen for the next little while though.

It is hard for them, the poor little things. Their instinct is to go somewhere soft, secluded and so on, and you try to train them to go on scratchy litter somewhere where they probably feel quite exposed no matter how 'safe' you try to make it feel. Really its a wonder they get it at all! But they do, and actually, they are trained and all wee quite happily in the box. This was just a blip. But like I say, thank goodness for lino!

edited to add- thought I'd posted this Thursday! Whoops!

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  1. Hee hee. That is great - they make me laugh when they do that!