Tuesday, 3 January 2012


All that early socialisation, the hours spent by the nest stroking and talking to the kittens, all the handling them and reassuring them, all the bottlingh and weighing and being peed on and getting accidentally scratched (plenty more of those to come!) is all worth it when they do this...

Dear, sweet, trustful Kurt! He woke up all alone, howled, waddled over to me and snuggled in confidently before going back to sleep. (Yes, I was trying to work. No, I didn't mind in the least!) And he isn't the only one who thinks I make a comfy bed. Marta does, so does Brigitta and so does Friedrich. The others are a little slower to get there, but they will. Gretl seems to be rather fond of the teenager's shoulder, much as Mama Indigo used to sit on mine.

And now I must go and do something about advertising them. You know, that task I've been meaning to do for a week... *sigh* if I had the room, I'd like to keep them all!

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  1. ...and if I had the room, i'd have another kitty!!