Friday, 20 January 2012

More Of Marta

I try to give all the kittens equal 'coverage' on this blog, with guest appearances by the adults naturally, but inevitably there are times when a kitten is left out for a bit. Marta is one of those. Because she's so sweet and easy going, she doesn't stand out as much as some of her siblings and probably hasn't got the coverage they have. So I'm concentrating on Marta today.

Marta is an absolute angel. She's soft and cuddly, easygoing and amiable, and all her siblings love to snuggle with her. She's more than happy to sleep on a lap too, and very people friendly. If you pick her up she goes all limp and snuggles up- on her back sometimes, like her Mama. Her favourite toy is a big plastic wheel with a ball in it- she sits in the middle and bats the ball around happily at least once a day and generally just makes me melt. She's adorable.

She's rather like Jonah- Monty- from our last litter. He was easygoing and uber-snuggly too. But she's not exactly like him of course, they all have their own unique personalities.

Now excuse me, while I go and kiss her!

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