Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Charlie and Lola

What with all the 'new family' stories of late, I forgot to tell you! Gretl and Louis's new owners have picked out names- they are to be Charlie and Lola. The teenager used to be a huge Charlie and Lola fan (as did I- ahem!) so all I can say is- awesome names girls!

Gretl especially is a typical Lola, always adventuring. The other day, because she is a BAD BAD GIRL, she climbed the curtains! I had a towel over the radiator and she shimmied up that and started up the curtains... well you may be sure I removed her AND that towel- can't have her falling off now, although she's such an agile little monkey she probably wouldn't. Curtain climbing isn't something I exactly encourage though!

But still, what a bad girl. But adorable, so adorable.

(and incidentally, it took me about 20 shots to get one that wasn't blurry, because Gretl, like Wendell (Jacob) last year, never stays still!)

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