Friday, 6 January 2012

The Browns

Ok, more colour musings today!

As far as I can tell at this point, I have three brown kittens- Liesl, Kurt and Brigitta. I was pleased to have a good number of browns and chocolates this litter as my last litter were all dilute. No idea what I will go for next year- it depends on the available studs I suppose.


Deep brown points with a pale body- Louisa must be a brown mink. This is the colouration of her father Monty (Hylily Priceless Picasso) and she does look awfully similar.


Brigitta is my darkest kitten, with noticeably less contrast between her points and body than her sister. She could turn out to be a brown mink, but my guess is that she is a brown solid.


And Kurt is somwhere inbetween! The jury is out with Kurt at the moment- I'm thinking mink now but I coud easily change my mind. But he has the 'golden Siamese' look about him- and the golden Siamese were mink cats.

The pens, by the way, are so I can tell which cat is which! When they are all together I can pick out individuals no problem, but when there's just the one it's a bit trickier, plus in years to come, will I necessarily remember just by a photo?

Here's Monty, the kittens' father, owned by Hylily. He's an adult brown mink. A couple of links- and these are not my cats, I'm just using them for illustrative purposes- this is an adult brown solid  and this is an adult brown pointed


  1. Aren't they growing fast? I must come over and see them again soon!!
    J x

  2. They are all so beautiful. I love the brown colour - gorgeous.
    Lisl continues to teach Boo. He watches her then copies. Now she has taught him how to play fetch!
    All the girls in my office love reading your blog too by the way

  3. Lisl always was precocious. I think the others in her litter only cottoned on to things so quickly because their feisty sister taught them. We don't have a Lisl-equivalent in this litter, so the kittens are much slower (read: normal!)with things like toilet training *tears hair out* which I shall have to Do Something About shortly as none of them are really getting it. They will, they will... but for now it seems an endless task of mopping up puddles (and worse) and putting kittens on the litter trays for them to scamper off again without going. Oops, that turned in to a bit of a rant didn't it? A blog post about that some time I think!

  4. Oops meant to say these kittens, and the others in her litter, are equally as wonderful and individual, OF COURSE, just that Lisl really was exceptionally quick with just about everything really! An Einstein- kitty!

  5. Hi! Thanks for plugging Al! He was a bit of an unknown due to being a rescue but I researched the colour and asked other Tonk/Burmese breeders and they seemed to agree he is a solid brown.
    I was so lucky to find him, its an unusual colour and was just like a Burmese my friend had at school (they had narrower faces in those days, the 80's).

  6. I have Kurt next to me right now (9 weeks)- I've registerd him as a brown solid and now, asleep in the sun, he looks like liquid milk chocolate- yup, like a Burmese. I hadn't realised Burmese faces had changed, someone said to me the other day Indigo looked slightly Burmese and that surprised me because if anything, I would have said she favoured the Siamese strain ever so slightly (actually she has IMO an excellent Tonkinese face, but i mean if I had to choose one or t'other) Its interesting to know that Burmese have gone rounder and softer. Siamese of course have gone much more angular and wedge like- I must admit to not being a huge fan.