Sunday, 2 February 2014

What a weekend!

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well I had a good weekend...

Oh, boy. Saturday... Saturday did NOT get off to a good start. I came in the kitten room to give everyone breakfast and.... I couldn't find two of the kittens. Panic! In the end they were discovered down the back of the couch, having wriggled through an impossibly small space between couch and wall. Cue me and the teenager packing all the cracks with towels and duvets!

While I was done with that, Theo threw up, and then shortly after did it again. I have an appointment for him Monday, but on the proviso that if anything happened, I would bring him back sooner. Given how quickly he's deteriorated with similar attacks in the past, I didn't feel like waiting so I rushed him to the vet, where he did his usual I'm just fine thanks Doc. He had an antiemetic, and we've started him on a course of steroids. He's ben quiet since, but OK and hasn't been vomiting.

Back at home, I got things ready for a couple of visits. The kittens weren't quite right for the first group, and in all fairness they did decide to sleep through the entire visit so totally missed the chance to show off! The second were enchanted. G came to view the kittens, along with her three adult children, all home from university and the kittens ramped up the charm all they knew.

I'm sure they won't mind me saying that they agonised over the decision! I don't think I've ever had a group that has found it so difficult to choose! They decided that Jadis and Digory will be their kittens, and then wondered if they had chosen the right kittens (Jewel, especially, had been most charming) so back they all came today! It HAD been the right choice, but I'm glad they asked to come back because they would have worried, and to me, proved what a great family they will be.

Also over the weekend, the teenager and I made a decision of our own, and our new cat will be... Lucy. We love Susan, and she's a very good example of the breed in terms of body, face etc, very very attractive, but I'm just not sure she has the right temperament for breeding. Lucy is less pretty, in fact we call her monkeyface although she doesn't have any major 'faults' in terms of the breed standard and is a better colour than Susan, but more importantly she's very robust, calm and generally bomb proof and the teenager and I just adore her. My sister in law gave me the push I needed to keep her and now it's decided. Lucy is now our cat.

In between all those comings and goings we had all the usual weekend chores, the shopping, clubs... and I'm going down with a cold. So I feel like I need a weekend now to recover from the one we just had! Best go give Theo his steroid before I fall asleep!

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