Friday, 21 February 2014

Trip To The Vet

The kittens went in to have their first jabs today :)

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Sleeping off the excitement
It's a few days too early, strictly speaking, they aren't nine weeks till Monday night, but being Monday babies they will probably be just UNDER 13 weeks when they come home, and in order for them to have the full week here after the second jab we needed to get the first one done today. So, all things being well, the kittens will be free to come home any time from Saturday 22nd March onwards. *sniff*

They did very well given it was their first trip out. They generated a good deal of attention at the vets with everyone there wanting to peek at them and asking if they were Siamese lol. Susan (of course, it would be!) let us know her opinion a few times, but then Susan is never backwards when it comes to letting her thoughts be known. I think it roughly translated as 'Do Not Like', poor Susan! She was fine though, as were the others.

There's really nothing interesting to report about their checkup. The vet did all the usual things, checked the genders (all correct!) checked heart, lungs, ears, eyes, mouth etc, weighed them and all the usual. Everyone is bright, happy and super-healthy and doing really well. S and P, I asked the vet to take a special look at Caspian's tail and her response was a fairly unequivocal 'Oh, that's nothing, don't worry about it'... which is what I was expecting but nice to have it confirmed.

I'm expecting them to be quiet and sleepy for a day or two now, the jabs do seem to take it out of them a little bit, but they ought to be back to normal before too long.  Flea and worm treatments next week, then microchip the week after, then second jabs, then HOME!

I brought Theo in as well. he hasn't been responding as homed to his new dietary/ meds regime, has lost more weight, had more sickness and has taken to eating socks (pica) which can apparently be caused by a b12 deficiency. his blood levels are fine but we are trying injections of b12 in case he has a deficiency at a cellular level. Worth a try, anyway! Back next week for a checkup.

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