Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday murmurings

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Darkest kitten/ lightest kitten!

Had a bit of a shock today. I came in the kitten room to find Aravis's collar wrapped round her MOUTH! The back was still round the back of her neck but the front had hooked over her jaw- heaven knows how- into her mouth, like a horse's bit. Dang. She was fine, I hasten to add, it was uncomfortable, I am sure, but not painful, the bands are soft. Still, not nice for poor little Aravis, and it gave me a nasty jolt as she obviously hadn't been able to get it off.

I'm on the lookout for a substitute method of identification. I think I could, with effort, tell the difference between them now, but sometimes you need to be able to do so quickly, like at the vet's- two kittens without a microchip and one with three isn't a lot of use to anyone! In the picture above, it's easy to tell which is Caspian and which is Lucy, but when you get the three darker girls together it's definitely more of a problem! Perhaps I could sew up some bands with soft elastic? I'll have a think.

Digory and Jadis's new mama came over for a play today which was lovely. Jadis cuddled on G's lap while Digory had a great time with the feather teaser again. He adores that teaser. I said to G I'd have to put it in his kitten pack... if it lasts that long, that is, he isn't exactly gentle with it!

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