Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Jewel and Susan have found their home... TOGETHER!!!!

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Susan gets her daily dose of vitamin C (ardboard)

*happy sigh*

When A and her friend came to visit today, I thought she had come to see Susan... little did I know she was thinking two! A quick call home convinced her husband two would be a much better idea (thank you R!) and that was that.

I'm sure A won't mind me sharing that a much loved kitty passed away last year and her eldest child has felt the loss keenly. I suspect Jewel and Susan are going to make a little girl very happy indeed! And the kittens will also have a big sister cat to glare at them and keep them in line. Could things be any better?

It's funny how it worked out. I've been warning A that Susan is sometimes a little reserved, she may not be interested in a visitor, etc, but this week she's really come out of her shell and in fact was the only one who woke up and played a game. Perhaps she was just waiting for the right person to come by? Jewel too... Jewel was ALMOST chosen by both of our other families this year... I've said all along I feel Jewel would thrive in a busy family with kids and that's exactly where she's going. It's amazing how it has all worked out.

Jewel napped in A's lap quite contentedly while Susan was playing and the other layabouts snoozed in a heap. It was a testament to how bomb-proof they are all now, as none were disturbed by Mama who is in heat and shouting her head off at present! My goodness she was loud, but they all slept through!They all woke up later though, amazing what shaking a bag of treats will do...

And that's all my babies settled! All with lovely people, all in pairs, (bar our Lucy) which is very very pleasing indeed. I feel like I can relax and just enjoy them now they are settled. One month to go... I'd best start getting those cuddles in!

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  1. That's fantastic, Buth. The best possible outcome - brilliant!!!