Thursday, 13 February 2014

Jadis says 'You go 'way!'

Oh dear. I'm not terribly popular at the moment, am I?

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You go away lady. I is snuggling with my mama.

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She is MY mama! I means it! I'll...

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Oh, wait... food!

The kittens have discovered a new trick. By balancing on the central strut of the dining table in their room, they have realised they can get onto a dining chair and  from there onto the table itself. And they are mightily pleased with their bad selves, too! I don't think anyone will be surprised that Digory and Jewel were at the forefront of this particular expedition.

This is part of a trend this week. The babies have all discovered the... vertical properties of their living space and are trying to get ever higher, as cats do. TV unit, drawers, cupboards, my head... they want to be on the top looking down. Some cats don't climb much, and are happy to loaf around on the ground all day. Tonkinese are NOT in that category and I do recommend new owners to consider buying a cat tree to satisfy this natural instinct to climb. It may just prevent them from using the curtains! On the other hand...!!!

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  1. lovely pics.. its true they love high places.. Mojo whines until I pick him up and if I am in the kitchen he will sit on top of the fridge and watch me