Saturday, 22 February 2014

Growing Up

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Jewel would like to show off her smart new collar! The bands were starting to look a bit small- you don't want them to be too well fitting, of course, as they might start to rub on the hair round the neck and a bald patch would never do! I managed to find some coloured elastic, soft and stretchy, so have sewed collars for Jewel, Jadis, Susan and Digory. Lucy and Aravis, I decided, don't need them, and Caspian doesn't, of course.

You might also notice from the photo above how long and lanky they are looking now! Even the smallest kittens (Jewel and Aravis) are rapidly approaching the 1kg mark, and are all now sporting the distinctive Tonkinese 'chest seam' that Tonk owners seem to feel is part of their charm. I agree, some Tonks have a belly seam and a back seam too and I love the way it looks as though they are zippered into a little furry sleepsuit!

The babies are all back to normal now, by the way. Yesterday they were sleepy and a little low, and whilst I didn't notice a drop in their appetites (never less then very hearty!) there were a few 'unsettled' litter box deposits overnight. All of which is entirely normal. Everyone is as bright and bouncy as ever today though.

No-one so far has developed a vaccine site reaction ( a harmless swelling at the injection site, nothing to worry about and goes pretty soon) but there's plenty of time, ALL the Von Trapps developed a swelling after the first vaccination which was awfully... considerate of them, I must say! So there's bound to be a few lumps in the next few days.  How I panicked at these with my REM litter!!! *chuckle*

Aww... babies are growing up.... but they are still babies really, they'll be kittenish for months and months after the come home, and Indigo still has her moments now, at the grand old age of very nearly five. I just remember them when they were teeny tiny- a tenth, or less, of what they weigh now. So they seem HUGE to me!

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