Friday, 14 February 2014


Jewel is a neck snuggler.

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See what I mean? Lets have a close up of that smug little face...

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You'll have to use your imagination, but she's purring up a storm, there!

How that kitten hasn't been snapped up I will never know!

I was going to do a Theo update today but this pic was too good not to share! I was getting my cuddles in advance last night and this morning because later on today is Nail Clipping Time.. and they won't like it. But it's time. One of them took a running jump at my arm the other day and it hurt!

I've got smaller clippers designed for the littlest of claws, and I'm hoping to get the wrigglier ones (Susan, Digory) while they are napping. You do have to be so careful when they are this tiny because the clippable part, and the quick (the nail bed) are so close together, it really is just a tiny point you should nip off. The adults should probably be done too, which is 198 claws in total!!!

Best get started then...

Hope the weather isn't troubling you too much... stay dry, stay safe!

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