Friday, 28 February 2014

Bits and Bobs

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I've had a couple of mad days where I feel like I have been chasing my tail all day... I haven't, I've had lots of time for everything I've needed to do but you know when you just feel rushed? Well, that.

So what's been happening this week?

Theo was back at the vet today, one week on from his first b12 (cobalamin) injection. Amazingly, it seems to have turned the corner for him. No more vomiting, much more alert and comfortable and he has PUT ON WEIGHT... yes, 150g or so up on last week. Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled. He'll carry on having the b12 jabs for the foreseeable future, he had another today and we have two more appointments booked, and we'll see how it goes.

b12 deficiency can occur over time with cats who have chronic bowel issues. Inflammation interferes with absorption, so the cat runs short which compounds the issues. Blood tests showed Theo's b12 levels were fine, but apparently this can be deceptive, blood b12 can register as good but the cat can actually be severely short at a cellular level.

Indigo is still calling. My goodness that cat is LOUD!!! I have a video clip to share with you but it will have to wait for another day as uploading it will take a while. She still has a bad cough, and Caspian gave me a sinking feeling the other day when he started to cough too... but he hasn't done it today at all, and it was just the one episode the day before so I am thinking it must have been because I changed out the litter yesterday. I don't mean just scoop, I mean completely emptied the tray and deep cleaned it and put in all new litter and it was pretty dusty. They do like to make me worry, these babies!

Lucy has been having some socialising time with the other kitties daily, and it's all going quite well. Well, mostly. The other day they were all on the bed, when there was a tussle between Sofia and Theo that sent poor Lucy scuttling under the bed, but mostly it's been pretty harmonious. Theo will groom her and play with her, the girls are still in the sniff and hiss phase but they'll get over themselves eventually.

The kittens have had their worm treatments, will have their flea treatments tomorrow, and on Monday are going to have their microchips. New families can expect the documents to arrive before their kittens come home (unless we've discussed otherwise) as I register the chips direct rather than to me. They ask for £25 fee to change details and that's as much as the chip costs!

GCCF registration is also going through, and that IS registered to me, but the change of details fee is a good deal less than the microchip people though! They come in two parts, a white slip and a pink slip. The new family gets the pink slip and that's the part to send off once the kitten is properly yours. I must admit it took me forever to fill in the registration form. You can't do it electronically, and if you make a single mistake you have to go back and fill in an entire new form as no crossings out are allowed. The form consists of lots of cats' registration codes, so you can imagine... it took me FOUR attempts to get right! And this year they have a new set of breed codes as well, so it was all new... took a while to get my head round it but once I did I saw it's actually a much more straightforward system now. Should be easier next time! I do wish electronic submissions were possible though.

We're in the print queue for next Thursday, so I guess next weekend or the early half of the following week they should arrive! Feels like everything is slotting into place now, ready for them to come home. Ohhhhhhh.... and Aravis has her new name! She is to be called SOPHIE! It really suits her, don't you think? Awwww!

Photos tomorrow when I get my act together :)

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