Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Sometimes people come looking for a certain kind of kitten. Maybe they definitely want a boy, or have their heart set on a pointed pattern, or want a livewire or a lovebug.

Quite often, the kittens have other ideas!

S and P, Aravis's family, came back today. They'd thought long and hard and decided they'd like her to grow up with a sister beside her. No argument from me, I LOVE my kittens going home in pairs, it's so good for them and why I discount for two together.

They were umming and ah-ing between Susan and Jewel. Jewel seemed to be winning the day when they just thought they'd have a quick look at...

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Yup. Caspian.

Now something I may not have mentioned about Caspian, is that he is a cuddly boy. He really is. He likes nothing better than a good old snooze in someone's lap. Or their arms, or chest or between the knees... he's really not fussy. Anyway that's just what he did. He went to sleep on P's lap.

Who can resist a snoozing kitten? Aravis, it seems, will be growing up with a BROTHER!


  1. Caspian is so adorable. Mind you, they all are, but I have very soft spot for Caspian/Little Scrap.