Monday, 24 February 2014


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Mysterious girl

The kittens' eyes are starting to change.

Eventually, of course, Susan's and Lucy's eyes will be a blue-green- they have the Tonkinese colour restriction (mink). The others will have green-yellow eyes like their Mama as they are Burmese colour restriction (solid) cats. For now though, they are all different colours. Digory's have hardly changed at all yet, but Jadis's, as you can see above, are a pretty green-grey colour. Caspian's are really very green now.

Siamese colour restriction (pointed) cats will retain their blue eyes- my Theo has Siamese colourpointing and has beautiful baby blues. Indigo can't have pointed kittens, whoever fathers her kittens, but Lucy will be able to, given the right stud. No blue eyed boys or girls in Narnia, though.

Indigo has been on heat, and as visitors will attest, she can be Very Loud Indeed. In fact, she shouts so much she becomes hoarse. So it wasn't until yesterday when I realised she actually had a cough too. It's a barking cough, slightly productive but apparently her chest is pretty clear and it's her trachea that seems inflamed. Probably from the shouting! She's been put on a course of antibiotics to calm the throat down, and hopefully she'll be out of heat soon but for now she is STILL shouting to the boys! Utterly utterly shameless, my Indigo.

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