Tuesday, 18 February 2014


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Awww, sleepy kittens. Just so innocent...

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Butter wouldn't melt...

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If you believe that...

Yesterday, I walked into the kitten room to find water EVERYWHERE. Clearly someone had fallen in the water dish, which has a lot of water in it given it's for eight thirsty beings, and the kittens had splashed and tracked water all over. Teatowels were all in the wash so I grabbed a loo roll and set to mopping. That done, I got distracted by something else in the other room, and yes, you know where this is going, don't you? I left the rest of the toilet roll in the kitten room.

I have to tell you now, the Andrex Puppy has NOTHING on these little hooligans! That toilet roll had been unravelled, shredded, dragged about and utterly pulverised by seven excited little furballs, plus, I have no doubt, one Mama. Best. Toy. Ever. You'd think it had been snowing the drifts of white that lay on the ground in heaps!

When I returned to the kitten room and saw the carnage, I must admit I didn't, as I ought to have done, reach straight for the broom. Instead I went and made a cup of tea, sat back and let them have their fun! Most reprehensible of me I am sure, but it would have been a bit like locking the stable door after the horse had bolted... and they WERE enjoying it.

I do advise new families to keep the tissues and toilet roll out of reach though. It was great fun, but I wouldn't be too happy clearing that up every day!

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