Thursday, 16 February 2012


Yeah, I'm snuggling with Marta. You have issues, lady?

Marta and Gretl, and Louisa for that matter, weigh about the same, but both Gretl and Louisa feel much heavier to me. Marta always feels as though she's made out of feathers and marshmallow fluff. Perhaps its her trick of going totally limp, Ragdoll- like, when you pick her up. Gretl and Louisa love their cuddles, but they are still very much wriggly kitten, whereas Marta relaxes absolutely, purring and giving you the slitty eyed look of love. Bliss!

Gretl keeps getting the eye goop. (well, thrice...) Just in the one eye. I use a very mild saline to treat it, it goes away, only for a week later to come back. I'm clearly not getting to the root of the problem for Gretl with just saline is what I'm saying. So when I was at the vet's Monday, I asked the vet for a tube of Fucithalmic, so that if her eye started again, or anyone elses for that matter, I could treat it once and for all. Sure enough, yesterday I noticed a goopy eye again... so out came the eye drops. Of course when you treat one in the litter, you might as well do the lot, as infections tend to go the rounds, so they are all having the drops at the moment. There's been no more goop, but they will have the drops for a couple of days just in case.

This, of course, is one of the occasions when Marta does NOT go limp and ragdoll- like! Nor do any of the others!


  1. Aww.. our brown boy Al had gunky eyes on and off all the time. We gave him some L-Lysine supplements which helped (sometimes gungey eyes can be due to a mild herpes virus which is the same as what we get when we get cold sores, and L-Lysine helps the body fight this). It could also be that she has inherited some allergy from Indy!
    They are so cute and I bet you will miss them.

  2. I never knew that about the gunky eyes! My lot have all cleared now but I'll remember that about the L-Lysine, thanks!