Thursday, 23 February 2012


Freddie and Louisa rumble in a basket...

Vaccinations yesterday! Of course it didn't pass without incident. When I got the carriers out, Mama went to hide, uttering agonised howls that I felt sure would set the kittens off too. They seem to be made of rather sterner stuff than their mother, however, and when I came into the room again I found four of them already curled up in the baskets and the rest all thinking about leaping in. Thanks kittens! Of course as soon as I shut the tops they realised what was afoot and howled at me... sorry babies, too late!

Then there was a very loud and bouncy dog in the waiting room, which set Gretl off, hissing and growling. She is a little bit hissy, this one. I didn't dare get her out to calm her as the dog was massive and the owner... shall we say rather less in control of it than I was comfortable with? and I feared my kitten might make a tasty little morsel for it! So they all had to stay in the plastic carriers.

Brigitta was a little freaked as well. She was silent up until she got on to the vet table, coped with being examined and weighed and all the rest, (I'll post weights tomorrow) but once that needle went in, oh my she wriggled like a good 'un. There was vaccine all over the table and all down her back. I looked at the vet and the vet looked at me, and I said 'I don't think that much actually went in'. So we discussed it and Brigitta had to have a half dose of vaccine all over again, to be sure. Poor Brigitta!

They were very sleepy yesterday, as usually happens after a vaccine, but today are back to their usual rambunctious selves. So, for our new families, its counting down the days now I guess! The vaccinations are done, pedigrees are back, kitten packs ready to be assembled. And as of next Wednesday, the 29th, they will be free to come home. Just let me know which day you want to come and when. :)


  1. Poor Brigitta. Reminds me of when the vet tried to chip Nimbus and the chip popped out cos he wriggled just as the needle was coming out!