Friday, 17 February 2012

Me And My Sisters

Dear Kurt. He can usually be found having a snuggle with someone! Kurt's new person has decided to look for another Tonk to be a playmate for him, and I'm so pleased as I really think he'll thrive on that. I'm sure he'd be happy on his own, I wouldn't have agreed for him to go to M if I wasn't, but a sibling will just be the icing on the cake for him I'm sure. The litter in question have just been born so he'll have to wait a while, and no doubt there will be a period of introduction for them both, but that's OK.

In the meantime he'll have to have extra cuddles from his people instead. He won't mind this a bit I'm sure. I have an old wooden ladder in my hallway, which the kittens love to climb up and down. I found it in someone's garden actually, asked them if it was scrap (it was) and carried it off triumphantly, proof that you don't NEED to spend hundreds on a cat tree if you don't have that money. Kurt has a habit of perching on there when I use the bathroom, and when I come out he calls out, insistently, to be picked up and cuddled. It's very endearing!


  1. Thank you nice to see him! He is beautiful. Yes waiting for her to email me back. Hopefully, he won't be lonely for too long. Hmm might have to find him a
    Ladder as I haven't got anything else yet.... Exciting :-)

  2. Right.. I'm going to advertise on Freecycle and see if anyone's got a ladder! Good idea!
    I'm glad Kurt will have someone to play with. Someone furry. Sometimes us two-legged creatures just get tired out before the four-legged ones!