Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Looks so innocent doesn't she? Not so much. The other day, Marta got so carried away playing with a toy dolphin that she pounced on my foot and bit it. Hard. Hard enough to draw blood! Yes, quiet, shy Marta!

It came as a total shock to me as I was sitting at my desk, I think I rose about two foot into the air and I may have let a few choice words escape my mouth too... and poor Marta dashed away in fright. Guilt! So I then had to cuddle and kiss her and tell her I wasn't shouting at her, just- well- shouting. Of course, being a cat, she wouldn't understand this but it made me feel better!

And then I had to sort out my bleeding toe.

Anyway, when playing with a new kitten, it's best not to encourage biting- type games. (I don't, but I'm just saying this is why!) Whilst most bites are mere tickles, even a small cat is capable of giving a pretty powerful nom and you don't want to encourage pouncing on toes unexpectedly. Cat saliva can carry some nasties as well, especially if your cat goes outside, and if they get into a wound it can turn a bit unpleasant.

Today, I am wearing my slippers... lol!

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