Friday, 3 February 2012

9 weeks old

...yesterday, but it was vaccination, vet check and weighing day today. There's so many of them, the vet has to block in a big chunk of appointments in order to get everything done!

Of course it's the coldest day of the winter so far isn't it? LOL we bundled up, or rather, I bundled up, and the kittens got a heating pad in each of their carriers and a blanket over the top to keep the heat in, and off we all went.They were all very good, despite being scared, and of course the needle wasn't very nice. But they all coped admirably.

Louisa still looks like a girl (lol)

Everybody's hearts all sound nice and healthy, lungs are all good, eyes are gunk free, teeth are lovely and so on and so forth, a lovely healthy bunch, in fact.

Freddie's leg, says the vet, 'gets straighter every time I see him'- bodies really are wonderful things aren't they? According to the vet, he's still actively healing as he grows, as when he was smaller the leg was much more at an angle than it is now. I'll have to try and get a photo and show you. It's all wonderful news and I'm so proud of him.

I'm expecting sleepy kittens for much of today, the jab really takes it out of them I've found, and they will have a nice bland chicken dinner later so as not to over tax their stomachs, not that I've known that to happen, but you never know. They will be back to normal tomorrow. Just as well, as Brigitta's, and Marta and Liesl's families are hoping to visit, snow permitting of course! We don't have any here yet...

Birth 96g
1 week 172g
2 weeks 226g
3 weeks 250g
4 weeks 325g
5 weeks 420g
6 weeks 586g
8 weeks 880g
9 weeks 1050g


Birth 101g
1 week 187g
2 weeks 239g
3 weeks 271g
4 weeks 349g
5 weeks 449g
6 weeks 630g
8 weeks 950g
9 weeks 1180g


Birth 102g
1 week 205g
2 weeks 280g
3 weeks 341g
4 weeks 448g
5 weeks 570g
6 weeks 740g
8 weeks 1020g
9 weeks 1220g


Birth 82g
1 week 157g
2 weeks 219g
3 weeks 260g
4 weeks 334g
5 weeks 394g
6 weeks 530g
8 weeks 820g
9 weeks 960g


Birth 83g
1 week 179g
2 weeks 248g
3 weeks 301g
4 weeks 374g
5 weeks 497g
6 weeks 641g
8 weeks 890g
9 weeks 1070g


Birth 91g
1 week 178g
2 weeks 249g
3 weeks 311g
4 weeks 389g
5 weeks 468g
6 weeks 603g
8 weeks 840g
9 weeks 970g


Birth 81g
1 week 150g
2 weeks 220g
3 weeks 269g
4 weeks 342g
5 weeks 402g
6 weeks 516g
8 weeks 780g
9 weeks 950g

REM litter 83g-103g. Average 92g
Von Trapp litter 81g-102g. Average 91g

1 week
REM litter 182g-217g Average 195g
Von Trapp litter 150g- 205g. Average 175g

2 weeks

REM litter 257g-294g, Average 272g
Von Trapp litter 220g- 280g, Average 240g

3 weeks

REM litter  338g-390g. Average 359g.
Von Trapp litter 250g- 341g. Average 286g.

4 weeks

REM litter 437g-524g. Average 466g
Von Trapp litter 325g-448g. Average 365g

5 weeks

REM litter 539g-604g. Average 581g
Von Trapp litter 394g-570g. Average 457g.

6 weeks

REM litter 712g- 792g, Average 752g
Von Trapp litter  516g-740g, Average 606g

9 weeks
REM litter 1070-1340g. Average 1238g
Von Trapp litter 950-1220g. Average 1057g

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