Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bye Bye Boys

Kurt looking handsome and Freds looking... loony!


Both Freddie and Kurt went home today...

Freddie of course is a special case. Today I drove to his new home, a 3 hour journey each way, to settle him in. It had to be this weekend, as next and the week after I am expecting to be home for the girls to be collected! So it was either today or in three weeks.

I love all my kittens, but I don't think it will surprise anyone to know I was especially attached to Freddie. It wasn't just his leg... Freddie has such a lovely personality that anyone would love him. I could very easily have changed my mind and kept him myself. *sigh* But I know he has gone to the right home. Before I left he had already begun to tentatively make friends with another cat, and had won over his humans. He has a little lad to play with, who says Freddie will be his 'one true darling'- aww! But gosh I'll miss him :(

Now for Kurt. Now I know next Wednesday is the first pickup date, and I hope no-one will feel bad that Kurt has 'jumped the queue', but I hope when I explain they will understand. You see Kurt's family live 2ish hours drive from mine, but not 5 minutes drive from one of the roads I was driving down today. I passed right by them. So I thought, rather than Kurt's people doing an extra and unnecessary 4 hour round trip next weekend, why don't I bring Kurt too? His family were amenable, so that's what we did. It also meant Kurt had a buddy in the carrier with him for the journey, and Freddie had his brother half the time, which was probably a comfort to them both. It was my idea though, and not something I'd usually do. It's just the way things worked out this time.

(of course I got lost and couldn't find Kurt's house, so it wasn't exactly the quick detour I thought it might be... but we'll ignore that! ROFL!!!!)

Anyway, my boys are gone, we are down by two. And I am cream crackered after all that driving today... and am off to bed. Goodnight!

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