Saturday, 11 February 2012

Queens Of The Castle

A very regal pair!

Indigo is poorly again... this evening she's been sick and has had diarrhoea. Moreover she's showing classic signs (IMO, not that I'm a vet...) of some kind of UTI brewing- visiting the litter box more often to pee, seeming to put a little more 'effort' into going when she does go... so it'll be the vet for us first thing tomorrow. She's also been hanging out round the litter tray, licking herself more than she usually does (which is a fair amount even so!) and she's been weeing on my washing although to be fair this last one is probably more down to the fact she's getting hormonal again- she's had a mini heat, so in 2 weeks or so ought to be in full howl again. The joys!

In fact if it wasn't for the fact she seems quite normal in her demeanour, I'd take her to the emergency vets and hang the expense. But it's a long drive, (not the usual vets, the out of hours service is a couple towns away) it's now midnight and it would distress her and... well I hope that's the right decision I really do. God I hate it when my cats are poorly.

I don't think any of my cats have ever had a urinary tract infection before- I know Indigo has been tested for one before as I think has Theo, but both were negative. Indigo, the minx, managed to hold onto her urine for over 24 hours rather than wee at the vet's and they ended up having to extract some with a needle- then when I collected her she weed all over me and the cat carrier. I feel for her though- I (sorry, TMI) had cystitis myself several times after the lad was born and it makes you feel really grim.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough though. And I'll be sleeping, (or should that be 'sleeping') in with the kittens tonight...

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