Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I agree, Freddie...

Louisa IS extra snuggly! And doesn't she look pretty there, not at all boyish. (Why do I now feel I will regret saying that?) It's fair enough to say that both the boys are now looking distinctly manly- shape of head etc- and they are both bigger as is usual. Louisa is neither of those things. But as with all things kitten, anything can happen!

Louisa has developed a lump at the vaccine site- yesterday. So has Liesl, this morning. Now I'm on familiar territory here, last time three of my kittens developed lumps after the second vaccination (none of them did after the first) so I was expecting it, know what it is and am not at all concerned. I wrote this post last year about it and there's a good link on that page for more info as well. Obviously I shall keep an eye on them, but ahhhh.... it's so much more less stressful encountering things for the second time! It isn't painful, the lump. It's just there. It'll go.

You will see both kittens are on the kitten tree here... sadly the tree is no more! I came in yesterday morning to find the tree in two pieces. Ah well it has done us very well. What I might do is save the top and bottom and screws- the big tree in the living room is looking very wobbly these days and it can't be long before I decide to retire it, or parts of it, so I might be able to recreate the kitten tree from parts of this. Then again, I might just start the next litter with a fresh one. The old one has done very well, but it is getting rather grubby and worn now. Perhaps it's time it was retired?

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  1. I'm not surprised something got re-designed with these little terrors haring around the place.. but you have to forgive them when they look this cute.