Sunday, 12 February 2012

And The Vet Said...

That they couldn't find a thing wrong. Not a darn thing. Nothing in the urine, bladder feels normal, she wasn't sick again and she had a normal bowel motion overnight. She was subdued at the vets but not worryingly so, and her paws feel like normal paws again and not clammy and cold as they were before.

So she's had another painkilling injection and come home, we're all back tomorrow anyway for microchips so she'll probably have another injection then and until then I'm keeping a detailed record of her eating, toilet habits and general demeanour to see if that offers up any clues. But she's used the litter tray since I got her home with no apparent pain and what looked like a decent amount as well, not the once every ten minute and then only a drop visits of the other day.

I am utterly stumped. I'm delighted she's apparently fine, but sheesh, I'm sure the vet thinks I make these things up you know... or have Munchausens by proxy or something!!!!!!!!

Guess who was ultra needy and missed Mama the most? Louisa. I left my bedroom door open, so any lonely kittens could visit, and I think they all did at one point or another, but Louisa spent the whole night snuggled. Of course since Mama came back, she hasn't bothered with me at all :) LOL. She's going to make one affectionate kitty though, I hope her girls like cuddles!

Ah well, onwards... Brigitta (CoCo) has a visit from her R later on, so that will be nice.


  1. It's a huge relief that they found nothing anyway! I'm very glad and it's better to be safe than sorry!
    J x

  2. She's a one that Indy isn't she!
    I do envy you having such cuddly kittens. My boys wont cuddle me at night. I cant wait to get a Tonk again so I can have a third of a pillow and a face full of fur at night!