Saturday, 11 February 2012

Snuggling With Mama

The kittens sure do love their Mama! They'll have to do without her today though because- sigh- Indigo has been given painkillers and admitted for 24 hours at the vets for observation and tests :( She didn't get any worse last night, but this morning she started crying whilst trying to 'go' and was obviously in a lot of pain. So she needed to stay in so they can work out what is up. Last week's sickness may be connected- she had antibiotics and they made her feel instantly better but they may not have been enough to have killed off whatever she (possibly) had brewing.

You may be sure I will give the kittens plenty of cuddles myself to make up for any they might be missing today. Thankfully they are old enough to fend for themselves, Mama still feeds them but they don't NEED her milk any more, for example. And sher still washes them, but they are more than capable of doing it herself.

Last night was very interesting actually. (setting aside the worry about Inds) I slept on the couch in the living room so as to keep an eye on Indigo. Well, I can't say I slept much, what with kittens jumping all over me and Gretl landing on my face at one point which was a bit of a shock, but they all reacted to my being in with them at night in their own individual way. Liesl curled up daintily next to my pillow, head on one side, and regarded me thoughtfully. Marta and Louisa spent the night snuggled into my neck and hair. Gretl leaped around excitedly rubbing her head affectionately all over my hands and face, Freddie insisted on licking my nose and chin a lot. Kurt got under the covers where it was nice and warm and Brigitta snuggled into the crook of my knees and purrred and purred. It was nice but I was basically immobilised by all these bodies and kept waking up with cramps from where I'd stayed still so long!

(I loved it really!)

Anyway, if you could all cross fingers for Indigo's speedy recovery, I'd be much obliged. The vet says every third cat appointment at the moment is for a UTI- apparently the combo of central heating plus very cold weather isn't a brilliant one for cats' urinary health. I shall do some more reading around that... perhaps there's something I can add to the cats food in the winter time that will help protect them? Does anyone know?


  1. Ooh. Poor indigo I do hope she is better very soon. X

  2. Poor Indigo. Poor you. Its such a worry when they are ill, particularly when they have to go in for tests and all you do is sit at home and wait... I hope its nothing serious and she gets better soon.
    I think Hills do a food for Urinary Health. Best you ask your vets for advice. Some of these foods contain additives that can make things worse, for example, the one for Hairballs gives my cats the trots! And that's the last thing Indy needs!
    All fingers and paws crossed here.

  3. Poor Indie, I do hope they get it all sorted very quickly. It's not nice to think of her being in so much pain, is it? :0(