Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Marta and Louisa, my two blue solid girls. They really look very much alike. Marta's face is rounder though, she favours, slightly, the Burmese genetic strain I think. She has a very sweet, open face. Louisa's is more classically Tonk-y and Marta is still darker than Louisa but for all that I still confuse the two at times. Good thing Louisa has a red mark renewed every so often, so I can tell which she is eh?

I think Marta's been the subject of my post three days in a row now! That's just how the photos come out I guess! I'll feature someone else tomorrow, I promise!

Kurt- now Bailey- has been distinguishing himself... by piddling on M's lodger's bed. *sigh* Only the once though, and he's been OK since, so fingers crossed all round that he just got confused. This was after snuggling up with said lodger in the bed all night so what he was thinking I have no idea. He's stopped being nervous now and is very active, especially, it seems, at night. Everyone's feeling a bit sleep deprived at the moment I gather! Really having a small kitten is like having a toddler! (this is where having the one is more tricky I guess, or one way anyway) Hopefully Bailey will cotton on very soon that people become really very boring indeed in the middle of the night, and playtime is best kept to more sociable hours!


  1. I think cats do get confused and do the odd bit of scent marking when they are growing up, moggy Don widdled on our sofa within a week of us getting him, but he had big Kahunas and at 6 months old was well due for the Big Snip, once he had that there was no more widdling.
    I dont know how old you like your kittens to be done but it seems the norm is between 4 and 6 months, presumably the new owners have to sign something to ensure they are not used for breeding? I know with girls you have a pink slip and you have to agree there will be no progeny, which means when we get our girl there is going to be another big vet bill!!
    Hope Kurt calms down, maybe he is just being a teenager, lol!

  2. Good points, and like I always tell everyone, Inds didn't start being a pest with that until sexual maturity. It really is important to neuter.

    Yes, all my kittens (boys too!) are registered with the GCCF and have a pink slip, they are all registered non active and I also ask people to sign an additional no breeding contract (the GCCF downloadable form) I'm rather ambivalent about REALLY early neutering, as some advocate, especially with boys, as there's anecdotal evidence to link it to genito-urinary issues, or rather there's not any conclusive evidence either way as yet, so I like to stick to the conservative advice of 6 months.

    Obviously though, if ones 5 month old kitten was spraying everywhere, being really bratty and humping the family tortoise I'd advise the snip!!!!!