Monday, 6 February 2012


I love this photo... I usually hate anything with me in it! Marta loves shoulders- Indigo did, and Marta spends a not inconsiderable amount of time perched up there. Usually most days at least once she'll climb aboard for a bit. Gretl does too, but she has to be removed regularly as she thinks spectacles are a cool toy. Marta just snuggles though, and tickles my ear with her whiskers!

Speaking of whiskers, I've been FURminating Ava and Sofia a lot recently as they seem to be having their spring moult, this despite the coldest weather this year, go figure. Anyway, the other day Sofia lost a whisker. They do shed whiskers, but they never cease to fascinate me and it was good to study one up close. Needle sharp at one end, tapered to a thin, fine strand at the other, whiskers (or whisker pads, I guess) are incredibly sensitive and partially responsible for  balance and all sorts of things. A cat who loses his whiskers might be rather wobbly until they grow back, and occasionally a mama cat will chew off her kitten's whiskers to make sure they don't stray far from the nest!

Back to Marta once again, she and Liesl had a lovely visit from their family yesterday- well before the snow came I am relieved to add! And their new names are chosen too- Lily and Iris, after family members. Awwww! The family aren't 100% as to who will be who yet, but they rather think Liesl will be Lily and Marta will be Iris.

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  1. Aww I love cats who sit on shoulders, even my hefty Bengal cross when he leaps onto them and nearly knocks me flying (the vet describes him as "a solid boy" lol). Marta obviously knows the best position for watching the birds, and I think you look pretty cool yourself.
    Interesting about the mum-cat chewing the babies whiskers off so they dont wander off.
    My boys are moulting a lot these last few weeks but I think its because we have the heating on and they like to hang out near the radiators. One thing I like about Tonks is even when they do moult, its not much and its not great clumps of fluff! I bet you get a lot of fluff from Theo!