Sunday, 5 February 2012

Smack The Cursor

Updated to add: animal charity Blue Cross have issued a weather warning to cat owners- gritter salt is highly toxic, and if you suspect your cat has ingested it, take them to the vet. Ditto antifreeze, which seems to be particularly tasty as far as cats are concerned.

Ok... today's entry...

Louisa's favourite game... she also disappears round the back of the computer to try and catch it. Bless her, she can't work out where it's coming from!

I was asked yesterday about my waiting list. Truth be told, I don't keep one. I only breed once a year, you see, and so only advertise then too... and so there's a large gap between having litters available. It's over six months between waving goodbye to one set of babies and even taking Indie off to stud, and longer still before the kittens are ready to leave once again.

No-one would want to wait a year for a litter- with no guarantees even then. For example, I thought I'd get chocs and lilacs this time, thinking Monty was a choc, and he does carry choc so we could have got some, but they were all blues and browns. A breeder with six litters a year might reasonably be expected to produce such and such a colour eventually, but with just the one it's a bit hit and miss!

So if anyone does contact me inbetween, which they do, then I generally refer them on to breeders who I know DO have kittens. My experience of Tonk-world is that breeders generally each other out when it comes to finding and placing kittens. Some have waiting lists, especially in season, but definitely a helpful bunch :) If it's kitten season, when I know there will be quie a few who have kittens, I generally direct people to the Tonkinese Breed Club or the Tonkinese Cat Club, both of whom have breeder lists, so you can pick for yourself which breeders you would like to approach, distance etc.

I don't expect it ever to happen, but if someone decided they absolutely had to have an Indikon kitten then I would be incredibly flattered and I guess what I would advise would be to keep an eye on the ste and contact me in the autumn when they know I have kittens expected. Or Indigo does. You know what I mean! I guess that would be kind of a waiting list- they'd have to wait, at least. But a year round one I don't do.

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  1. I dont know why they cant put Bitrex in antifreeze (and salt) to deter pets from licking it. Its put into lots of household chemicals already to stop children accidently drinking it...