Saturday, 1 November 2014

Milk bar

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Mama's doing a good job of feeding the babies. They are huge! Nice round tummies and solid weight gains- and yes, this litter will contain just as much nerdery as the last when it comes to stats. I love stats, and can't wait to see if this litter will be big, small, inbetween...

Possibly big, as it's mostly boys. Yup... one of the 'girls' has had a visit from the sex-change fairy and now we just have the one girl. Well it was about time really, the girls have outnumbered the boys hugely in the last two litters, about time the lads evened things up a bit :)


  1. Just as well you weren't looking to breed from one of them - you'd not have much of a choice this time! :-)
    J x

  2. Precisely why you don't wait till the last litter before keeping one if you can help it!