Friday, 31 October 2014

Big Sister

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Six babies is a lot Mama

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I helps, ok?

Lucy was a STAR the other day. It was a bit hairy for a while, because Lucy was all business as usual but Indigo would go bonkers with distress if Lucy left the room. Or if she was in the room, making too much noise. At one point I had one hand rubbing Inds belly, another writing notes and dangling a cat toy with my foot to occupy Lucy. I expect it looked as ridiculous as it felt!

But once things had properly started, Lucy was interested. She tried her best to keep Indigo clean, and purred helpfully in the general direction of her belly. She took herself off to watch from a safe distance during the actual births, but soon got back in to help Indigo clean and arrange the kittens apparently to their mutual satisfaction.

She's barely left them since, even doing the icky stuff like toileting the babies, so I'm betting she'll be a hands on big sis. She seems quite dippy about them. Well, coparenting works for me, lucky babies is all I have to say! She's clearly inherited her mother's fabby mothering genes, so when it is her turn, I'm sure she will be great.

I had to laugh though. Yesterday Indigo got a bit confused and seemed to think Lucy was one of her kittens- the babies I mean. She followed poor Lucy around, finally following her onto the litter pan and trying to drag her back to the neck by the scruff! Lucy had a few choice things to say about that, and this morning Indie seems to have sorted out which are the babies and which are not. I guess the sleep deprivation got to us all yesterday *grin*

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