Tuesday, 7 October 2014

6 week bump

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Definitely some babies in there!

Indigo didn't approve of my idea about 'getting better photos', still, you get the general idea. There's been definite belly-growing going on in the past week.

The six week mark is usually a good time for Indigo. She's past the morning sickness stage but not into the discomforts of later pregnancy. She's cuddly and comfortable. In a week or so we should see movements, and I'll set up the kittening pen for her to explore (read: pee in, just so we know it's hers)
She seems to be putting on at a reasonable rate, not too much. Mama cats typically put on between 1 and 1.5 kg depending on litter size, Inds would probably be at the upper end of this scale as she has big litters but I'm aiming for the lower end given she had extra to begin with. Ideally I'd like her to not exceed 6kg, which would be a total weight gain of just over a kg, but I'm not sure how realistic that is. This is a time of rapid growth, so I guess I'll re-evaluate that one next week when I see how much she's gained- she won't go hungry or without what she needs, anyway.

Lucy is calling again. She's not as focused about it as her Mama though, bit of meowing, bit of a spray up against the kitchen cabinet (sigh, yes, Lucy is a sprayer, apparently. I do pick 'em don't I??) then off to do something else for a bit. It's early days yet and there's every chance she'll get more intense about it as time goes on though.

Her weight seems to have levelled off again. I suppose it's because she's an adult cat now (sigh) and sexually mature cats (sigh) do tend to fluctuate a bit, eating less when on call and more in-between. (sigh again... I'm sure she was only a kitten yesterday. Wasn't she?)


Lucy 3.91kg
Indigo 5.52kg
We've been using Yarrah Organic, which I really wanted to like because, you know, organic!! but it's just a bit meh. The chunks seem very large, more like dog food than cat food, and it looks insipid. The cats clean their bowls, but one day the dry food had accidentally been left in the hall, and when I let the Tonks out for breakfast they wouldn't look at the Yarrah, they wanted the kibble. I bought quite a few cans of this, so we'll use it up, but I don't think we'll be buying any more.

We also had a few days revisiting the Grau. This is far and away the most expensive option on the list so naturally the cats love it... grr to the spattery meat juice lids!!!

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