Saturday, 11 October 2014

You OK, Ava?

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Indigo decided she needed a little loving from the quietest member of our family. You can see what Ava thought of this idea *grin*

 I've had not one but TWO kitten enquiries over the past few days which is kind of exciting, other than that it's all quiet here. Indigo eats and grows, and eats and grows some more but it's OK, she's cooking babies so she is allowed to!

Lucy had another mini-heat, as she has been doing from six months old, and I caught myself thinking the other day what if this is it, and this is how Lucy does heat? But then I remembered I did that with Indie as well, and then one day BAM, into full howl. These Tonks are deceptive! It suits me though, because I'd like her to be at least a year before going to stud.


We're using Lily's Kitchen cat food at the moment and wow, brilliant... very very like Grau in look, consistency, etc, very high meat content, no grain and so on. The cats approve. Another pricey option sadly, but definitely a front runner at the moment.

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