Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Who's The Daddy 2014

It's Rius!

Rius is the son of Gr Ch Angisan Xanadoo Shadow, and is utterly adorable, as well as being extremely crafty on the old mating front! Really looking forward to seeing what the kittens are like.

Indigo, I suspect, just wants them OUT. She spends most of her time snoozing these last few days, always near me. She doesn't like me going out, and I certainly wouldn't want to do so for long. I went out for a meal on Sunday and I need to pop out today briefly to do a few essential errands but apart from that, we're hunkering down in here till the babies arrive. Tomorrow I move my bedding etc into the living room (kitten room!) and then we're all set.  I have an essay looming, and plan to spend the next few days working on that, get the bulk of it written before the little ones arrive.

Which brings me onto the next thing. When this litter are here, I'm going to have a lot to do. I'm finding my study rather hard going, the teenager has mock GCSE's, and kittens... well they take up a lot of time. I never managed to work out why blogger won't upload my pics direct, but it won't, so I'm still having to go through tinypic which is fine, but time consuming.

There's never enough hours in the day, is what I'm saying! You may have noticed that this pregnancy there's been posts more or less every OTHER day, instead of the daily posts I have done before. I just haven't had the time! I love doing this blog, but spending time with the kittens comes first, and I can see that this time around there may not be time for as much blogging as before. Of course there will still be the blog, and I promise I will try to update most days, and I know the blog is a big part of Indikon but some days it might be brief, or just be a picture or a movie.

Having said that, essay-avoidance is a powerful force and I might feel compelled to write reams at such times, kittens being sooooo much more interesting!

I have an alien-belly movie, I will try to upload it tomorrow! Ooooh and I need to take bump pics tomorrow. If I don't get to it though, just imagine a beigey-grey furry rugby ball with legs, and you'd be pretty much spot on. Poor Inds!

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