Wednesday, 22 October 2014

8 week bump

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I think I have mentioned before that, given Inds was only in with her beau a short period of time, I was hoping that would mean a smaller litter.  Well I don't think Indigo is having a small litter by any means, but I do feel she's having fewer than last time. Last time she was unable to clean her back end by this stage, this time she can still manage it. Her belly is very solid, but she has a fair degree of manoeuvrability that she simply didn't have last time.

Theo was sick quite a lot overnight, this always makes me worry given how poorly he was last winter. He's been enjoying his nightly tuna treat and I had thought he was tolerating it well (he didn't tolerate salmon) but will have a few kibble only days and then perhaps try again to see if it is the tuna or if it is just one of those things.

Then Indigo was sick this morning, but oddly enough, I don't think they were related. Although I'm feeding four or five times a day, the room she has available for food is getting smaller as the kittens grow, so I think she needs the little and often approach from now on. They'd just had breakfast and I suspect Inds ate too fast and too much so up it came. She seemed a bit sheepish afterwards, but doesn't seem unwell and has since had more to eat. I'm not putting kibble down today because Theo needs to rest his tummy but from tomorrow I will free feed again for the foreseeable.

The babies are very active now, until I train my camera on the belly when naturally all goes still. I will keep trying!



Lucy: 4.06kg
Indigo: 5.81kg

Realistically, there's little I can do now with regards to Lucy's weight, which as you can see has crept up again. Indigo needs to eat a lot, so there's a lot of food available, and Mama and daughter are so close that where one is you will find the other. I tried this week taking Indigo into the kitchen to slot extra food into her, but both cats were so upset at being separated it felt like a cruelty to carry on doing it. And a bit pointless, because soon there will be kitten food out, and not long after that, Miss Lucy will be having her own kittens. So I'll re-evaluate next summer, by which time she should be at her final adult size anyway (at ten months she still has a little growing to do I suspect) and see where we are with it all. I dare say Lucy will get a bit of a tummy again, but hopefully nursing her own kittens will help.

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