Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Oh Boy...

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This is Nicholas. he's a pretty boy who I need to go and kiss this very moment... 'scuse me!

Ok, that's better. Awwww, Nick, he's a little love. He's the palest of the litter and I am pretty confident he is a TCR (mink). There's one pale one (Nick), one that looks like being TCR as well but not as pale, two BCR's (Desmond plus one) and two inbetweenies that could go either way but will probably be BCR because that's how it went last time.

So that's Nicholas, Desmond, Michael and Leopold... all boys.  Tomorrow we'll have stats and I'll announce the final two. Today the kittens didn't put on much weight. This always happens at week 2 and you would think I would be used to it by now, but it always sets me worrying. It's because they get so much more active at this stage, instead of just lying around like podgy sausages, they are spending much more time in motion, exploring the nest and each other, not to mention trying to figure out this whole walking thing.

I was in two minds whether to use this shot today because, in the half a week since I took it, the babies have changed hugely! Much more prominent ears, bigger in general (of course) and more mature looking. I've got two more mug shots, but I suspect I will have to take more up to date ones for the others!

But I won't be doing it today because earlier I saw a flea. A FLEA. Ugh! just the one, thank goodness, but today will be spent moving and hoovering cat trees, boil washing bedding and spraying liberal amounts of Indorex on the soft furnishings, skirtings and anything else I can reach, basically! I did Indorex thoroughly early summer, and it's supposed to last 12 months, but better safe than sorry eh?

And all the adult cats have had their next flea treatment (due next weekend anyway) so they are thoroughly displeased with me at the moment. I have also started the hoovering, and that displeased them even more. At some point I'll need to relocate the kittens for a few hours so I can spray the kitten room and I expect Indigo (and Lucy) will let me know ALLLLLLLL about that, bless them. But what can you do? The most we've ever had here is one or two fleas, par for the course in a household like ours which has one cat going out (or a dog, or an outdoorsy type, or gardeners, or...!) but we've never had an infestation, and I'm kind of eager to continue that state of affairs!

Ugh. And on that note, I'd better get on with it!

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