Monday, 24 November 2014


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Hey lady! You can't let us out then expect us to go back! Unhook that cage NAOW!!!

Well, we had guests this weekend, my friend S and her husband came to visit the kittens. S was one of my first families, taking home Kensey and Lotti from my REM litter. You may remember, Kensey had some health issues last year, and last summer he very sadly passed away. There really are no words to express the loss of such a young cat and I'm not going to try, but it is comforting to know that in his short life he was utterly loved, always.

S decided that as she had had some of Indie's first babies, she'd like to have one of her last too, and Lotti is now ready for a sibling. In fact two siblings, as the lucky kitten will be getting a younger sibling kitten from Tonkinini, which is very exciting indeed! It's too early to say who it will be, this weekend was just for fun and to meet up again. These internet friendships are funny things, I talk to S often, but haven't seen her since she took Lotti and Kensey home! So it was really nice, and I can't think of a better person to love one of these babies.

While they were here, I decided to put some cooked chicken down, just to see what the kittens did about it. No pressure! Nom nom nom! said Miranda, and planted herself face first in the plate. She wasn't the only one, Leo and Ari also tucked in, and Desmond spent some time biting the plate before realising he needed to bite the meat (there's always one!) but Miranda was hilarious. The other two weren't interested. I got a video, but it came out super dark :(

Then of course they all sat down and washed their paws. Adorable!

Now they are on the move, I can see their characters starting to come through. Michael is, I suspect, going to be a cuddler. He likes to climb up onto my shoulder and nuzzle into my neck, purring. It's lovely. I wasn't terribly thrilled earlier though, when he climbed up, nuzzled my chin and then BIT ME ON THE LIP!!! Those teeny teeth are like needles, and it hurt!

Miranda has really come out of her shell over the past few days, and it seems she and Lucy seem to be developing a really close bond. I worry that Lucy is being a bit rough (she isn't, I just worry!) but Miranda toddles after her at top speed anyway for some more rough and tumble. I need to get a video, it is very sweet and reminds me of Lisl (Hope) from the REM's and her utter adoration for her Uncle Theo.

Right, they are being treated to a bit of turkey tonight, so I'd best get on with it!

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We come out again naow, yes?

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