Sunday, 16 November 2014


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Bright light, bright light! (I had just opened the curtains!)

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Handsome Leo says hello

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Back up Desmond, you're to little to leave the nest just yet!

At two and a half weeks old, the babies are starting to learn about the world. Part of that world is the big giants that loom over their pen from time to time, and the babies are learning that they aren't scary monsters, but benign creatures that rub their ears and tickle their tummies. Gone are the squeaks and hisses of last week, and now when I sit by the pen, the babies rush forward to sniff, nuzzle and lick my hands- well, when they aren't doing something more important, like eating. Or sleeping. We do this 'playtime' several times a day.

They are handled daily too, at weighing time and other times for a quick cuddle. They aren't so keen on that, that that comes later, but it gets them used to being handled and not to fear it. For now though it's mainly a process of exploration, and it's fascinating to see their personalities unfold, even at this early stage. Desmond, for example, is big and bold. Nicholas loves having his tummy rubbed, Ariadne her ears. Michael is quiet and contented, and Leo and Miranda super curious and always at the front of the nest at playtime.  

Oh, and they LOOK like proper cats now, don't they? Proper Tonks. Look at those seams... and those pouty faces!

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