Thursday, 20 November 2014

3 weeks old!

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Babies stay warm between Mama and Sister

Babies are all piling on the grams like good little Tonks, hurrah for Mama and her gold top! The Halloweens are my biggest litter overall at this stage, and at birth, but they will have to keep it up to beat my giant REM's in the long run. Some are bigger than others, Miranda and Leo are slim and lithe whereas Desmond is a huge roly poly chunk of a boy, but all are putting on weight steadily which is what I like to see. Although I have no doubt that in a few weeks some of them will be nose first in Mama's food, they are currently dependent on milk alone, fortunately Indigo shows no sign of flagging or exhaustion- six is the perfect litter size I have decided, even one more seems to tax Indigo just a little too much but six she has no issues with, no exhaustion, tapering off of weight gain, being unable to eat enough to meet demand.

I haven't been weighing Indigo, and I'm not concerned about that while she's feeding, but I haven't yet moved her onto the kitten food. Theo's kibble is quite calorific anyway, and until the babies need solids, it seems just as well to keep Inds on the food she is used to... she is clearly still getting enough to feed the babies. I'm not restricting how much she eats, and she is eating a lot, but it is just the regular adult food and her own, rather ample reserves. Nursing cats do get a bit skinny at times, but I haven't noticed any such effect in Indigo as yet! I'm keeping a close eye on the babies' weight gain as a result, and have kitten food to feed Mama should it show any sign of wobbling, but so far they seem to be doing splendidly.

Birth: 98g
1 week: 177g
2 weeks: 242g
3 weeks: 325g

Birth: 91g
1 week: 187g
2 weeks: 285g
3 weeks: 387g

Birth: 92g
1 week: 171g
2 weeks: 255g
3 weeks: 338g

Birth: 106g
1 week: 187g
2 weeks: 275g
3 weeks:348g

Birth: 104g
1 week: 208g
2 weeks: 303g
3 weeks: 401g

Birth 94g
1 week 187g
2 weeks: 274g
3 weeks: 377g

Kittens in order of size:

Birth: Michael, Desmond, Leopold, Nicholas, Miranda, Ariadne
1 week:  Desmond, Nicholas Michael and Ariadne, Leopold, Miranda
2 weeks: Desmond, Ariadne, Michael, Nicholas, Miranda, Leopold
3 weeks: Desmond, Ariadne, Nicholas, Michael, Miranda, Leopold

Comparison by litter:

Birth REM litter 83g-103g. Average 92g
Von Trapp litter 81g-102g. Average 91g
Narnian litter 72-90g. Average 83g
Halloween Party litter 91-106g. Average 98g
1 week
REM litter 182g-217g Average 195g
Von Trapp litter 150g- 205g. Average 175g
Narnian litter:151-186g. Average 174g
Halloween Party litter: 171-208g. Average 186g

2 weeks
REM litter 257g-294g, Average 272g
Von Trapp litter 220g- 280g, Average 240g
Narnian litter 227g-279g. Average 256g
Halloween Party litter 242-303g. Average 272g

3 weeks
REM litter  338g-390g. Average 359g.
Von Trapp litter 250g- 341g. Average 286g.
Narnian litter 286g-366g. Average 323g
Halloween Party litter: 325-401g. Average 363g

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