Tuesday, 4 November 2014


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I tried to get them all lined up from the darkest to the lightest to show the variety of shades the kittens have come in...

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But it quickly descended into chaos!

Mostly over the last couple of days, I've been photographing kitten bottoms, and do you know, I STILL can't work out the gender for a couple of them. At birth I thought five boys and a girl, then I thought two girls, then I thought five boys again and right at the moment, I really don't know!

It's frustrating because they have names which I want to share with you, but the theme itself will change if the genders do because there aren't enough good boy names in the theme I want to use to account for another boy, in which case we will use a different theme but that one doesn't have good girl names if we need to account for that. Then there is a third I could use instead which is a bit more flexible but- dammit- I just don't like it as much as the other two!

I went on a breeding site the other day, and I think the general consensus was I'm entirely daft for wanting to name them at this stage but... nope, can't apologise for that, to me they are individuals from the get go and I feel they need an individual name. It seems so heartless to refer to a baby as 'red' or 'girl' or whatever. Also I am impatient and want to knowwwww!

But I guess I'll have to wait, and names will not be forthcoming until I get genders sorted out in my head!

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